Lyn and Larry Grant

Since our parents moved to Wheaton in 1977, they have been frequent patrons of the Wheaton Public Library. Each month, we would see them check out a new selection of books to read. We became avid readers because of this example. We loved to explore the shelves and make new discoveries of books and authors and we participated in the summer reading programs each year as children. When our parents were planning their 50 th wedding anniversary celebration, we wanted to do something special to commemorate the occasion. A love of reading is something our parents have always had in common and they still visit the library frequently and even patronize other local libraries while traveling. We decided to make a donation in their names to the Wheaton Public Library because the library has been and continues to be a favorite for them. We appreciate everything the library has meant to our family for the past 43 years (and counting)!  
~ Lianne Grant-McCoskey and Lori Grant-Virelli
(in celebration of Lyn and Larry Grant)