In winter of 2019, Wheaton Public Library established a Giving Tree for individuals to make contributions into a permanent fund for the Library that will grow and help meet its needs today and into the future. This beautiful, permanent art installation will feature the names of individuals, organizations, and businesses who have donated $500 or more to the library. Inclusion is cumulative, so donors may advance from one category to another over the years as they continue to donate.

Donors who give $1,000 or more will be invited to share their stories for our interactive display to be featured in front of the Giving Tree. Donors who give $100-$499 will be listed in the interactive display.

All donations made to the Library’s endowment fund are tax-deductible. The Library, through its partnership with DuPage Foundation, can also help facilitate gifts of retirement assets, marketable and closely-held securities and other appreciated property.